IMG_7987It’s my 30th Birthday!

I am still in awe! The past 30 years have been no Crystal Stair but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! I’ve accomplished so much, failed so much and learned so much! I spent some time reflecting one 20’s and could not believe all that God has helped me to accomplish!

In my 20’s I was able to:

  • Buy a condo at 22
  • Get my Masters
  • Become a CEO
  • Become one of the Top Financial Advisors in the US for Millennials
  • Travel to some cool places and do a economic development trip in Guatemala
  • Win tons of awards
  • Sit on the board of some cool organizations!
  • Speak to thousands of people about money management
  • Get featured in publications that I used to read everyday and never even imagined being featured it!
  • Help tons of people have a better relationship with their money, save, start investing and buy their first home!
  • Co-found a Financial Tech Startup that will help millions manage their money better (yes it’s coming)
  • Develop a unbreakable relationship with God
  • And many more things that God has helped me accomplish!

I feel so blessed that God has given me a purpose and has guided me every single day, when many of them…..I really just wanted to give up.

I can’t wait to see how he leads me for the next 30+ years & I thank YOU for always supporting me!

Now let the festivities begin & here’s a gift for you! #30OnBroadway

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