The Dreams2Reality Financial Organizer & Goal Setting Guide:

A Guidebook to Provide Financial Clarity

& Help You Reach Your Goals

The Dreams2Reality Financial Organizer and Goal Setting Guidebook by award-winning Financial Expert Dominique Broadway, will help you create a realistic plan to reach your financial, personal and business goals and finally make things happen! In these colorful pages you will: get your ideas out of your brain onto paper, set dates and action items to finally start reaching and exceeding your goals, create a budget, organize your bills & track your savings progress, provoke the conversation of money with your loved ones and finally feel confident about your finances.

In these pages you will:

  • Get your ideas out of your head and onto the paper.
  • Write your action plans for your ideas and set a date!
  • Create budget, organize your bills and track your savings progress
  • Provoke the conversation of money with your loved one
  • Finally feel confident about your finances!

I’m Ready To Get Rid Of The Confusion and Organize My Financial Life Now!

Dominique Broadway, Personal Money Expert

Dominique Broadway, Personal Money Expert

Provocateur and trailblazer can be used to describe this millennial. Dominique Broadway is an award winning Financial Planner, Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert, Entrepreneur and the Founder of Finances De*mys*ti*fied. Dominique’s personal journey began after working with the uber wealthy and realizing that money advice should be available to anyone that wants it and it should be affordable!

Shortly after this journey began Dominique was named one of the top Financial Advisors in the United States for Millennials, at the age of 28. Dominique’s demystified financial advice, has been highlighted on Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Forbes, USA Today, Black Enterprise,, Ebony Magazine, Levo League, Refinery29 and other media outlets. Connect with Dominique on Instagram @dominiquebroadway, Twitter @MsFinanceCoach or fill out this contact form.