Talking Money with Bae

Talking Money With Bae - Dominique Broadway Blog Many people may still be in a love hangover from Valentine’s Day. After all the chocolate has been eaten and the roses have wilted, there still is one uncomfortable topic that many couples have not had. Money! Although uncomfortable, it’s a subject that is necessary. When you’re dating with intentions on things becoming serious and even eventually marriage, this conversation is one that is extremely important. The topic of finances can seem awkward or an invasion of privacy but what could be worse than walking down the aisle and figuring out later that you don’t share the same financial goals or have a different outlook on money?


Here are some tips on how to prepare to have the money conversation with bae:

 Be open when talking money with bae

Just like every other aspect of a relationship, honesty is the best policy. No matter how awkward, you must mutually agree that it’s a conversation you’re willing to have. You both can choose how deep you wish the conversation to go. It shows maturity and can build a connection on another level. 

Ask Questions when talking money with bae

After hearing bae’s past experiences and future financial goals, there may be some things you didn’t understand and need to be elaborated on. Being prepared to ask questions is just as important as asking those dreaded “getting to know you” questions. The answers to those questions can shed light to what the future holds and even allows the opportunities to bounce ideas off each other. It’s important that you leave the conversation feeling like you learned something new. 

Be Proactive when talking money with bae

 You have all of this information about their financial history….now what? Use this intimate conversation to help each other in the areas that need improvement. Create an action plan. Does he not know his current credit rating? Encourage him to get a copy of his credit report to review. Is she ready to invest her money but doesn’t know where to start? Encourage her to do some research and speak with a financial advisor. Not only help create a plan, but hold each other accountable to stick to the plan. If you don’t know the answers, that’s okay, there are so many tools and resources that can help.  

Having the money conversation is just as important as knowing each other’s career goals or religious stance. When you’re at the appropriate point in your relationship, knowing the financial plans can set you up for a successful future. If you chose 2016 the year to be financially free, that is even more of a reason to have the money talk with bae. Healthy relationships start with good communication- even during the most difficult topics. Having the conversation may not be easy but is something you’ll thank yourself later for. 


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