Single Mom Puts Her Message In A Bottle and Grows a Thriving T-Shirt Business – Kalilah Wright


T-shirt businesses are one of the best online business now a days.  First, who doesn’t love to wear t-shirts? Second, the start up cost can be really low (depending on how you manage your capital). But most of all, it is forever on trend!  

Tune in to this episode as Kalilah Wright, an entrepreneur from Baltimore and owner of Mess in a Bottle shares her ups and downs in starting and managing her own T-shirt company. Plus, get tips on how to start your own t-shirt business with little to no capital.

Who knows, a T-shirt business might be your next #wealthbuilding business!

Key Takeaways
  • Kalilah researched in Craigslist to find machines and equipment to start her T-shirt business with $500 capital.
  • Big Cartel allows you to have an online store and sell 5 products for free.
  • Kalilah felt a huge spike in orders when she got featured in a national TV show.
  • When Kalilah experienced robbery, although it had been a traumatic experience she still went on and use the opportunity to turn it into something positive.  
  • To sit still is to give yourself a moment to have a mental and physical rest from time to time.  
  • Kalilah used Shopify and Paypal working capital loan.
  • Joining crowd funding and pitch competitions can give you exposure and free money to help you financially support your business.  
  • Allow to create pocket of spaces by getting help.  
  • Everything is figureoutable.
  • If you can dream it, it can happen.