That Day Experian Put Me on Their Podcast & Gave Me a Gift!

FinCon-visuals_Page_05While in Charlotte at FinCon 2015 (basically a conference for financial blogger and finance geeks, which I am one of). I was interviewed by Experian! In this interview I chat about how my “dream job” turned out to be a major disappointment and how I used this to launch my own business and discover my passion in my 20’s.

During the interview, there was an amazing artist drawing the key points that I was making which turned into this dope image below. Experian also gifted the image to me once the interview was over. I was beyond excited until I realized that this drawing was huge, about 3 feet all and I had to scramble to find a way to ship it back home since I could not take it on the plane (that’s another story).

Nonetheless, it was great to sit down and chat with the awesome people at Experian.  You can check out the full podcast interview here.