Passion….What’s Yours?

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Sitting in TEDxMidatlantic today, I had a aha moment.  Being a huge TED fan, I did not exactly know what to expect out of this event, but I knew I would leave inspired….and I did.

I got a email from Fosterly that they were giving away 5 free tickets to TEDx, so of course I immediately filled out the survey to enter.  A few days later, I got word that I won a ticket!  Yay!!

Ok, so now I’m at TEDx and as I’ve stated earlier, I am a huge fan.  I listen or watch these speeches throughout the day as I am working, and when I do tune in, I usually select the topics that I want to hear or the type of speech that I desire, could be a inspiring one, a funny one, etc.  However, at the actual TEDx event that is two full days jammed packed of speeches, you cannot pick the talks that you would like to hear.  The schedule allows you to hear everyones talk no matter the topic, type or speaker. Everyone that hits this stage is talking about their passion, area of expertise or what makes them tick.

And it hit me.  These people are so passionate about what they do.  If you have ever met me, you would know that I am beyond passionate not just about money, but more specifically about financial literacy, removing the stigma that surrounds it and making money a social experience.  Each person that got on this stage had EXTREME passion about what they do.  For some people it was guitars, other it was fish.  Jose Andreas got on stage and shared his passion for making something as simple as cooking, no longer a luxury for many and something that no longer kills people (I had no idea, that this everyday activity was so dangerous for many others).

Congressman Jim McGovern explained his passion for ending hunger and how food should be a right for everyone and not a luxury.  He even lived on food stamps for an entire month at $3/ a day so he could see whats its really like.

This all made me realize that I am not the only person walking around with this extreme passion in general and passion to help others that weighs so heavy on my heart everyday, that I wish I could scream it for the mountain top.

So, whats your passion?  What could you scream from a mountaintop?