No Brainer, Flexible & Low-Stress Ways to Make Money

This post is sponsored by Uber. All opinions are my own.

What would you do if you could make money when you wanted and not feel like you were stuck in something? For so many people the goal of controlling their time and income is a dream that often seems out of reach.

One of my favorite concepts is the idea of “lifestyle design”, this is the ability to design your lifestyle to live the way you want, on your own terms and make money when and where you want! Sounds great right? But how easy is it to really make this happen, you may ask?

Low stress income to make money

It’s actually a lot easier than you may think and you can get started with very little commitment and risk. If you have ever considered driving with Uber to make a living and regain control of your time, they have made it even easier to get started.

Not wanting to drive your own car or just not even having a car has been a huge hindrance for many people who would love to make money on their own terms by driving with  Uber. However, now it’s easier than ever to get started, especially since the options are a low risk financially and it’s flexible. Exhibit A: there are hourly, weekly, and longer options. Perfect for whatever commitment you want to make. All of this putting earning in your own hands and giving you the flexibility you deserve. 

With Getaround, you can grab a car hourly or weekly, with no deposit, no long-term contract, insurance, basic maintenance, and 24/7 support is included and you can pick up at a location near you. You can get all of this and start driving and earning ASAP!

With Fair, you pay as low as $185 per week, you can earn by the week or keep your ride for a while, but with no long-term contract. For the Weekly option, insurance is included, as well as basic maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, unlimited miles, and options to renew week-to-week. For the longer option, you pay as little as $130 per week and a start-up fee of $500 and this comes with all of the perks of the weekly offer! 

With Hertz, you can get wheels by the week with a Weekly option. Cars start at $214 per week and maintenance and insurance are included. You can also easily renew week to week. 

There are promotions available that could go back into paying for the cost of your vehicle. It’s a win, win!

There is now, literally no reason not to consider Uber as a solution to make a living on your own terms and begin designing your ideal lifestyle! Check out Uber’s Vehicle Solutions partners and start earning on your own terms with these flexible options. Be sure to come back and let me know, once you start making money on your own terms with these offers!