financesdemystifiedcalendarIt’s Financial Literacy Month! Yay! Am I the only one excited? Possibly….however despite my financial nerdness (is that a word), the goal for this month is to make sure you are just as excited about this potentially life changing month as me!

 How to Join the Challenge:

1) Click this here and download the Challenge calendar. Save it on your desktop, phone, car, palm of your hand or wherever you will look everyday.

2) Everyday check the calendar and see what exciting action item you need to complete to help change your view and relationship with YOUR money.

3) Share the calendar with at least 1 friend. Having a accountability partner is key in this and most challenges.

4) Come back to this blog to share your experiences throughout the month! You can also share pics of your and motivation for others on Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #FDMoneyChallenge

5) Enjoy! Money is something that should be taken a little more lightly! (Not sure how the people is these fancy suits made it such a scary topic, lets change that today!)

Tweet me, Facebook me or send a Dove with your questions! Oh and the hash tag for this challenge is #FDMoneyChallenge

Let the $ Games Begin!