How to Successfully Retire Early, Travel The World and Live Abroad – Rachel Hill


To retire early, travel the world, live abroad and keep a business is not what most of us were told to do.  We were told to go to school, get a job, work for the next 34 years and then retire. Rachel Hill, on the other hand, retired from the corporate world at the age of 27 and travel the world.

Tune in to this episode and be inspired as Rachel Hill,  a travel influencer and digital marketing strategist shares her experience on how she retired at the age of 27 and financially prepared herself to live abroad.

Key Takeaways
  • I have all these shiny things and I’m making this great salary but in the expense of my mental health and my hair is falling out and I don’t think this is how I want to create my story.  
  • I just knew I could recreate something else and didn’t have to base on the story other people had.
  • My biggest fear from retiring your was the judgement than the financial security.
  • I prepare myself financially.  I saved something for a year and a half of journey.   
  • When I was in the corporate world I made a lot of investments.  And one is 401K and when I leave the corporate world I rolled it over and move to RIRA and I leverage on that to purchase my first home. I put it on AirBnb and that puts a stream of income which helped me to live in South Africa.  
  • I booked an Airbnb for a week and give myself a solid week to figure out where I want to live.
  • I get myself a non resident bank account and having that makes life easier.
  • Living abroad hasn’t impacted my business at all, in fact I became more productive because I’m 6-9 hours ahead.  I can get so much work done without being distracted or at least the hours before the calls and the emails start coming in.
  • Live the life you want to create.  
  • Just be in the space of thankfulness and being full of gratitude as early in the morning.  
  • I’m in the process of writing a book about influential marketing and how to be a travel influencer of color.
  • When it comes to creating a vlog instead of trying to be a beautiful and visually appealing, I try to be as honest as possible and keep who I am.
  • It can be hard but find what works for you what feels good and people will resonate with that.