How to Nip that Shopping Addiction in the Bud!

Who doesn’t love hitting up a good sale at your favorite shop? To me, there’s nothing more thrilling than snagging your must haves at a steal! But, if your pocketbook is trying to catch its breath from this week’s consecutive shopping trips, then you may have a problem. The good news is that habits, especially costly ones, can always be broken. With the proper attitude, support system and discipline, this budget busting addiction can be beat in no time!

Here are several ways to help shake this habit:

Focus on the Difference Between NEED vs. WANT

Realistically, we don’t need to keep up with the latest trends. Try setting your sights on those few items that you want and feel that you can’t live without. You can still stand out from the crowd with only a few newfound avant garde pieces for the season.

Get the Ladies involved!

Chances are that if you are a shopaholic then you’re closest fashionistas are, too. Host a Swap Party where you can barter with your friends for their fabulous finds. Mixing and matching their smart items with your style practically expands your wardrobe. See, that necklace and belt does look better on you!

Treat Others for a Change

Weddings, baby showers and housewarmings – Oh my! There are numerous events in which you are compelled to celebrate your loved ones with gifts. When shopping for their day, render your course through the racks and shelves strictly for them. This is a great way to use your power of spotting stylish finds for good!

Develop more productive habits

Rather than taking those lunchtime shopping ventures at the nearest mall or online on shopping sites, attempt other alternatives. Certain activities such as taking a stroll with your colleagues near your office building or catching up with friends over lunch can help keep you away from those stores. Wouldn’t you rather a life full of memories over a bustling wardrobe?

Fixating on fashion provides temporary relief since trends change so frequently. Like any other addiction, being a shopaholic stems from some underlying issues. You don’t have to go through it alone. If spending money is a way to alleviate your daily pressures, I’m certain the right Personal Finance Coach, like Dominique Broadway, can help you get your spending in line. All you have to do is shift into a positive attitude, remain attached to your support system and initiate more discipline. Concentrate on the future and know that life is more than what you see in front of you (even if it sparkles).