How To Create Your Dream Digital Nomad Life – Kashlee Kucheran


To create your dream digital nomad life is to believe in ‘experiences over things’, but even experiences come with a cost.

With the material things you acquired over the years that you will have to leave behind, not to mention, the traveling expenses, how can someone really shift to a digital nomad life?

On this episode, we are with Kashlee Kucheran, a digital nomad, budgeting expert and serial entrepreneur. Kashlee left the corporate world of being a finance manager and Realtor in order to travel the world full time.

Kashlee talks about how she and her husband embrace minimalism in their lives to start a freedom based lifestyle.

Key Takeaways
  • Take a hard look at your finances –  how much are you paying every single month for your house, car, bills and your lifestyle.
  • Start combing through your credit card bills, and you will notice so many extras like subscriptions and other expenses that you don’t really need in your life.
  • Look around the house and identify things you don’t need anymore and begin to sell those items
  • There’s a gold mine on everyone’s closet.
  • Use Facebook marketplace to sell your staff.  It works so quickly that people buy things within hours of posting
  • If you get your cost of living down to next to nothing; and you go to countries where your currency is much higher values; and go to places that is very cheap to live you don’t need to make nearly as much as you make right now.
  • Research what the true cost of living in the country you chose.
  • Get a UPS box to have a proper street address for the mails.
  • Sign up for e-Service to get your bills over the internet.
  • Give yourself a general budget and try to stick to it.
  • Pick countries that are on the cheaper end of things; and as your business grows and you get more comfortable and better in budgeting you can go to places that are a little more expensive.
  • You can never have a (online) business that’s gonna make money immediately, it takes time.
  • One thing that you can’t ever tarnish while being an entrepreneur is your integrity.
  • Anyone can apply minimalism to their lives, just do more with less.
  • High Maintenance Minimalist is great for someone who wants to declutter, for someone that needs help with creating a budget and also for someone who wants to be a digital nomad and travel.