Do These 3 Things Now, So Your Financial Resolutions Don’t Die Out

This is the time of the year where everyone is setting goals, fitness goals, relationship goals and of course money goals! However, as we all know, it is very common for those goals to die out around the first of February, then we decide to try again the next year. And this is how the cycle begins of our financial goals or any type of goal never being reached!

Financial Resolutions - Dominique Broadway Blog

But don’t worry my friend, that cycle will end this year! All you need to do is these 3 things and your financial goals will stay alive all year!

Write Down Your Goals

I know everyone is paperless now (save the trees), so am I. I try to eliminate all pieces of paper if possible. However, when it comes to goal setting, I always go for the good old fashion pen and paper! It is proven that when goals are written down, they have a higher chance of being achieved. Grab your favorite journal and start jotting down those goals. I have also created the Dreams2Reality Make It Happen Guidebook, that will help you write out your financial, personal and business goals, its the same method I use!

Get an Accountability Partner

That little voice in our head is often what keeps us on track and out of harms way. Having an accountability partner can have the same effect. Share your goals with a close friend, a personal finance coach, your significant other or even on social media and watch how much more focused you will be to stay on track with your goals, knowing that someone will be asking you for a progress update.

Schedule Money Dates

This very simple activity is what will help you evaluate your progress towards your financial goals. Often when we set financial goals, we just kind of set them and never even check back to see how we are progressing or not, towards those goals. By setting a date, once a month or on your pay days, to sit down and review what has been working and has not been working will allow you to make shifts throughout the year to ensure you are reaching your goals.

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