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Fund Your Wanderlust & Earn Money Investing From Anywhere

One of the greatest things about investing is the flexibility it affords you.

💥 Flexible schedule – you aren’t tied to requesting time off
💥 Flexible location – you can work from anywhere with an internet connection
💥 Flexible income – no hourly pay or salary caps in this world

All this flexibility is the perfect recipe for….travel!

Travel is one of the top reasons I hear my students say they first took interest in investing. So they could have the time and money to fund their wanderlust and earn money investing from anywhere.

I saw this thread on Quora the other day asking, “should I invest or should I travel?”

Most responses gave what I call bad advice. They enthusiastically responded that travel was the wise choice – because travel while you’re young and make money later! NO!

That’s a terrible mindset to have. Here’s a better one. One that I used to travel around the world while we were dating.

Invest first. Take the profits from your investments and travel with THAT money. It is possible (and recommended) to travel AND invest.

I promise you, it’s possible and preferred. It allows you to grow your net worth while also growing your worldly experience. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, but if you put travel first and investing second, your bank account and overall net worth will be kicking you down the road.

Keep reading for my top tips for being able to travel and invest!

  1. Do your research and set financial goals
    Researching destinations ahead of time and mapping out all the costs give you a clear sense of exactly how much you need for your dream trips. From there you can back into how much you need and how long you are willing to take to accrue that amount and take off.

Without doing this research and setting goals, it will feel like you’ll never be able to afford to make your travel goals a reality.

  1. Keep earning while you’re moving!
    Once you hit the road, the earning doesn’t need to stop, nor does it mean you need to work full-time. With just a few hours a day, you can keep your income flowing while you’re anywhere with an internet connection.

One of my student’s favorite things to learn about is the investing types that generate income on a regular basis through dividends and payouts. Check out my free masterclass if you want to learn more about how thousands of students are earning ongoing income daily through simple investing strategies.

  1. Invest in Travel Companies
    When people ask me what companies I recommend they invest in, my answer is always the same, no matter what is happening in the market or if there’s a wild stock jump getting airplay, like GameStop did.

My answer is: invest in what you use! Look around your house, in your closet and driveway. Invest in the companies that you’ve trusted to be a customer enough that you trust that company will keep growing.

If you’re a traveller, living life out on the road, it might feel hard to look around at your closet or house. But you can still look at the products you use. From the sites where you book travel (like and Expedia, both publicly traded companies) or places you stay (like Marriott or Choice Hotels) or airlines you fly (like Southwest or Delta).

By investing in companies where you are the customer, it is easier to understand and pay attention to the happenings that can lead to fluctuations in their stock price. You’re also more likely to be an excited proponent of that company, creating world-of-mouth business that helps their bottom line (AKA your stock value). Wouldn’t you rather follow news about an airline or hotel magnate than oil and gas or something you have no interest in or familiarity with?

Investing is a perfect way to fund your wanderlust and help you check off all the destinations that are patiently waiting to come off your Pinterest board and into reality. I’ve used funds from investing to take me around the world and support my family.

Check out more about investing and how you can get started from anywhere, with any amount of money by attending my free masterclass. Sign up today and stop dreaming, start traveling.


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