We’ve all experienced it. For the most part you don’t even realize it as it’s happening. When you least expect it, those tidbits of junk and papers you set down as you enter your home begin to accumulate in subtle yet noticeable clusters on the coffee table, kitchen counters and any other available surface. Next thing you know, your minimalist living space has progressed to borderline hoarding!

As Suze Orman once said, “If you have debt I’m willing to bet that general clutter is a problem for you too.” There’s no need to be alarmed! The first step to reversing the havoc caused by your chaos (or organized chaos) is to acknowledge the following difficulties:

  • Difficulty with paying bills on time – This is  a clear sign that your due dates are lost among your piles. Thankfully, some companies offer grace periods before assessing penalty charges.
  • Difficulty with keeping abreast of  promotional offers from service providers – Feeling like your the last to know something is not the ideal, especially if you could save with promotional discounts or getting more bang for your buck. As a customer, your service providers takes the time to fill you in on potential deals first.
  • Difficulty with controlling debt – The issue may not be lack of income to pay down debt. If your credit companies are reporting delinquent payment history, then your credit history and score will suffer.

All is not lost! Once the clutter bug hits, the best way to combat it (and its negative impact on your finances) is remaining organized. It’s vital to keep all necessary documents, emails and other valuable information readily accessible in a structured manner.  Here are several benefits to your finances in your slob-free environment:

  • Staying aware of current situation – Updating both your budget and net worth statement will be relatively simple since all the necessary components are organized.
  • Knowing your limits – By staying on top of your finances, you will know just how much you can spend. This will come in handy once you’ve realize that your favorite store is having the sale of the year!
  • Being prepared for the worst – The proper financial plan will ensure that you have at least several months of cash reserves. Hopes are that the one major setback won’t set you back a year + in savings.

A better outlook on your financially sound future is certainly feasible. Since we all can appreciate an organized home screen on our mobile devices, your finances should follow suit in order to keep you as productive as possible.