Finances Demystified


Dominique Broadway, a visionary in the world of financial literacy and now a best-selling author of “The Wealth Decision,” is relentlessly committed to making wealth a tangible reality for all. Her vibrantly engaging approach to personal finance, making even the most complex topics like investing trendy and digestible, has earned her a steadfast reputation as an authority in the field.

As the founder of Finances Demystified, Dominique’s passion for financial education is evident in her work with young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life, with the intent of turning their Dreams2Reality. This passion is backed by an extensive history of both learning and teaching personal finance, further solidified by her awards and recognitions in the field.

Her professional journey began in the corporate world, at esteemed brokerage firms like UBS and Edelman, following the achievement of her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business and finance. She then made the audacious decision to leave her high-net worth clients with investments exceeding $5 million. Her mission? To democratize the personal finance and investing knowledge typically confined within Wall Street and make it accessible to all. Now, with her financial technology, and strong passion for uplifting others she continues to empower her audience with financial knowledge and inspire them towards financial freedom.